The Setting

Nature's beauty

The Setting

The House shares nature’s beauty unselfishly, it truly is the most perfect setting for the most perfect of moments. The gardens at The House are a reflection of peace and tranquillity offering pockets of curiosity for every guest looking to absorb its beauty. The gardens are surrounded by bold trees from the woodlands giving a sense of tranquillity, security and privacy, as well as the breath taking weeping willows with hanging lanterns light up and shares the beauty of the garden after sun set, allowing picture perfect memories for anyone behind the camera. An enchanting energy fills the gardens with still and calmness. The central garden offering an intimate setting for the perfect private drinks party or gathering. The entire setting speaks for itself from the moment you arrive to the moment you take your memories home.

The Main Garden

The Garden encompasses and secures every part of The House, its beauty is endless and unforgiving. Offering a central reception area perfect for drink receptions and gathering, the enchanting feel brings mystery and the desire to explore. Oversized chess, crochet and boule provide many a challenge between guests and children. The extension of the garden from the central lawn is enhanced by a delightful pond and bridge leading over to the edge of the woodlands. The garden optimises the most picture-perfect setting.

The Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden caters for the most intimate of moments, with its walled security and central wedding pergola it is the most perfect setting for exchanging vows and sharing those magic moment with your family, friends and loved ones. The Sunken Garden can host eighty to one hundred comfortably.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands epitomise natural beauty, mystery, education and serenity. Building dens, learning to climb, build a bug hotel, build a fire, set up camp, toast the marshmallows and be at one with the world and nature. Live, Learn, Share, Care, Team Build, and be mindful with nature at The Woodlands at The House. The Woodlands is the most unique setting for the most unique magical wedding. The Woodlands holds many events for children, adults, teambuilding events and camps. See our events page for what’s on in the Woods.