What Our Customers Say
"What a fabulous venue and a brilliant host, thank you so much Alison, highly recommend this venue x.”
Tanya McGrath
“Great choice of venue, I would also recommend the cocktail bar Alison arranged for our wedding last summer and it was sublime. Good luck and enjoy.”
Tracey Austin
“Alison’s venue and Ilia’s food wow! Such a combination, you’re going to rock! Two talented ladies together I promise this wedding is going to be unforgettable, well done girls.”
Laura Falcon
“A beautiful place and Alison is a fantastic host, really looking forward to being part of your wedding day.”
Ilia Makri
“Today was brilliant, everything was perfect as I expected. You really are brilliant Alison you have helped me so much when you haven’t had to, if it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be a wedding, thanks so much we really appreciate all your help and advice absolutely brilliant day.”
Sarah Shea
“Beautiful venue with outstanding grounds, Sarah and Andrew could not have picked a better place to hold their forthcoming wedding, the food tasting was delicious not to mention the selection of wines, it's you Alison that brings the place to life, Sarah said you are the fairy godmother, well you are that and much much more, so looking forward to the day.”
Sylv Sexton
“This really is an incredible venue, so beautiful, everything was amazing from start to finish for my sister’s hen night, every room is STUNNING thank you Alison for an outstanding event, one which we won’t ever forget.”
Katie Jackson
“Such an amazing day for my best friend’s baby shower, venue is amazing, Alison made everything look fantastic for us, amazing place for a function.”
Susie King
“Such a fabulous day at Kylies baby shower, venue was outstanding so stunning for all occasions, truly amazing.”
Carol Robbins
“Such an amazing venue definitely a lot of use to it other than weddings & fantastic baby showers.”
Samantha Grant